It’s not vs.

It’s Relevance

Response Capture helps marketers generate a full pipeline of sales-ready leads.

Predictive Lead Scoring: Fishing Done Smarter

When marketers first started targeting the masses, they created messaging and tried to get it in...

Connect the Lead Scoring Dots with This Free SLA Template

Think about how many terms and conditions boxes we have to check on a regular basis. We read these...

Implementing a Lead Scoring Program: Quality is the New Quantity

It’s time. You’ve done your Google research. The coffee beans in the office are dwindling but...


How lead scoring has changed and what it means for all of us. #leadgen #marketingtips
about 10 hours ago

Which fish are most likely to bite? Predictive lead scoring is the way to find out. #marketing
about 14 hours ago

Awesome #leadscoring infographic with explicit and implicit examples...
about 16 hours ago