Account Based Marketing

Account-Based Marketing: The Strategy B2B Marketers Can’t Afford to Overlook

What is Account-Based Marketing and Why Should You Care? Simply put, account-based marketing (also called key-account marketing) is the strategy of focusing on a smaller number of companies and treating them as a market in their own right. It’s the…

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Marketing Automation Infographic

Infographic | What should you know about Marketing Automation?

For those considering adopting a marketing automation system, our new infographic, What should you know about Marketing Automation, provides insight into the multitude of ways marketing automation can help your marketing efforts. It also shares more about who is adopting…

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Demand Generation Demand Map

The Demand Map: Your first-step in Annual Planning

Do you know the real purpose of marketing? In 1923, the grandfather of modern advertising, Claude C. Hopkins, said, “to properly understand advertising, or to learn even its rudiments, one must start with the right conception. Advertising is salesmanship. It…

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Relevant Marketing

Staying Relevant Through Your Buyer’s Journey

Marketers have long talked about the buyer’s journey, and in recent years has experts of all shapes and sizes touting new engagement models and formulas for success. The reality is, understanding your buyer’s journey doesn’t need to be complex. Of…

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Call-to-action buttons

How to Create a Relevant Call-to-Action Your Prospect Can’t Resist

Recently, Response Capture added a call-to-action button generator to our resources page. This tool makes it easy to create your own unique call-to-action buttons – with only a few clicks of your mouse. Of course, with a call-to-action, it’s how…

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Retargeting Rundown Part 2

In our previous post, Retargeting Rundown Part 1, we discussed the basics of retargeting and the seven step guide to getting started. We continue on by discussing benchmarks along with the don’ts of retargeting. Retargeting Benchmarks I strongly recommend creating a retargeting…

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Retargeting Rundown Part 1

Looking to know more about Retargeting? Well, we have an overview along with a seven step guide to getting started! This is the first post of a two part series giving you the complete rundown to everything retargeting. What’s this…

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Are Your Emails Mobile-Friendly?

Everywhere you go these days you are bound to see someone on their phone, whether it is in line at Starbucks, walking down the sidewalk, or even in the car to your left at the stoplight! Smartphone usage has sky-rocketed…

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How the Basic Principles of Dating Can Lead Your Marketing Strategy

Is it just me or is it extremely ironic how closely the dating environment is paralleled with the world of demand generation marketing? I can’t tell you how many times I have sat with my colleagues at work and even…

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What is the Measure of a Marketer?

Many marketers let their tools tell them what to measure. How many clicks, how many visits, how many leads passed to Sales. This is like using a speedometer to get to the moon. Metrics and measures are important, but they…

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