What Message is Your Call to Action Sending?

Written by in Campaign Optimization on July 5, 2011

Research reveals all human beings make subconscious judgments of the world around them within 90 seconds. Between 62% and 90% of that assessment is based on color alone. [Institute for Color Research]

When you design personalized landing pages you’ve got a lot on your mind. What is the right hero image? Layout? How should we word bullet points? What headline should we use to get optimal results?

And then the discussion turns to the call to action button.

Where should it be placed? How should we word it? What will draw the most attention and generate interest?

We know that what we are saying is just as important as how we are saying it. (Try saying that five times fast!)

“Download Your Free White Paper Here” is far better than “Submit”. Positively influencing conversion rates, and instantly making the connection between signing up (or whatever else you may be asking) and what the viewer gets in return.

But how can the design of the call to action influence how the viewer feels? This interesting infographic from KISSmetrics gives some insight in to the psychology of colors. We thought you might find this useful as you work through designing your own personalized landing pages.

Personalized Landing Pages

Check it out to see the full infographic about how colors affect purchases.

…by the way, what is our favorite color to use at Response Capture? In our opinion, it’s more about contrast than color. We ran a month long test on our website comparing black and red “sign up” buttons. Red was the clear winner. Overall, we recommend using a color that fits with what you are asking for and is visually consistent with the rest of your personalized landing pages, as well as with your brand.

Why do you think Red was such a success for Response Capture? I’ve got my theories, but I’d love to hear what you think!

About the Author:

Jill is RC’s new Marketing Programs Intern and is learning every day about what it means to “Always be Converting”. She’d love for you to chime in, offer advice, and partake in the journey.


Jill Ferris About the author: Jill Ferris

Jill brings resources for you to use in creating more demand using Relevant Marketing. The questions used to build the “Decision Maker’s World” are part of Response Capture’s “Guide to Discovering Your Ideal Target Market”. If you would like a free copy of the guide simply contact us and we’ll send you one in 24 hours.

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