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How to Unlock Leads with Your Next Marketing Event

Written by in Lead Generation on April 1, 2015

Every marketer’s worst nightmare is having something go wrong at an event.

But just like a rainy day here in Portland, there is one thing that’s certain…something will go wrong at your event.

Like booth materials being shipped to the wrong city the weekend of the important tradeshow. Oh yes, we all know it happens.

Whether we need to unlock leads or deepen existing connections, events are a key player in our marketing repertoire. The single reason we go through all of that hard work for an event is to deliver an ROI.

67% of B2B content marketers consider event marketing the most effective strategy. (Source: WebDAM)

But, how do we make our marketing events successful? How do we actually see the ROI?

It all starts with a comprehensive event marketing strategy.

When we helped one of our clients, hubbub, with a tradeshow, we needed to drive interest to achieve their primary goal of generating new business.

We created an event marketing strategy for them and today we’d like to share it with you, so you can rock your next event.

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  • Create a multi-touch email campaign with personal messaging to drive interest. Highlight a success story to captivate the recipient with a human experience.
EMAIL TIP: Begin email promotion 8 weeks prior to the event and send emails every 2 weeks. Promote something—a free giveaway, a guest speaker—at your event to drive attendance.
  • Promote on social media 8 weeks before, including an event hashtag on Twitter.
  • Send out invitations to contacts in your targeted accounts. Again, keep the messaging personal.

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During the Event

  • Coordinate an interactive activity with attendees, such as a survey or poll. Reveal responses throughout the event on a big screen at the event as well as on Twitter.
  • Do a giveaway with something relevant to your brand or industry.
GIVEWAY TIP:  Our client did a giveaway for a FitBit, a fitness tracker that is compatible with their wellness platform. An email focusing on the FitBit giveaway was sent the day of the event.
  • Continue Twitter promotion with real-time updates using your hashtag.
  • Send same-day thank you emails to booth visitors.

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  • Create a follow-up email nurture program to all registrants and include a special offer.
  • Separate visitors into two groups—prospects and the rest. If you’re feeling spunky, have fun with the names of the groups like we did. (Prospects = Hot Prospects; The Rest = The Herd)
“HOT PROSPECTS” TIP: Send one personal email, with an assigned sales rep ready to continue with multiple follow-ups.
“THE HERD” TIP: Send three follow-up emails, with early stage assets from the event. For anyone who doesn’t respond, route them to a catch-all campaign so that they receive emails every two weeks.
  • Use the survey or poll responses from the event to drive follow-up content: email, infographic, blog post, SlideShare, and Pinterest.
  • Invite qualified attendees to an exclusive event that will provide an additional opportunity to connect.
  • To prospects who want to learn more, offer a private demo.

Having the right event marketing strategy in place from the get-go helped our client have a successful event that delivered ROI.

In all, the event helped generate 25 opportunities for hubbub.

Ready for an awesome event? Here’s a template to guide your strategy.

event promotion


Britt Skrabanek About the author: Britt Skrabanek

As a Freelance Writer and Content Strategist, Britt strives to help businesses reimagine their content strategy and revive their brand awareness. Through education, engagement, and energy, she believes content marketing can make a genuine impact. A wordsmith with a passion for marketing, Britt is currently working on her fourth novel. Connect with Britt on LinkedIn.


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