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The Sure-Fire Promotion Checklist for an Amazing Webinar

Written by in Lead Generation on December 17, 2014

Lately you’ve been on top of it, the envy of everyone at the office. You’ve been checking things off your list like crazy.

Only you forgot a little something you have coming up…the webinar. You know the one—where hundreds, perhaps thousands, will be hanging onto every word you say.

Panic-stricken, you consider taking out your anger on your stapler. Instead you take a deep breath, because you know you just need to get organized.

Hey, we get it. Webinars are kind of a big deal.

Every spirited B2B marketer knows that webinars are a highly effective method for sending qualified leads into the arms of their sales teams. Even in today’s social media driven world, webinars continue to be a staple for content marketing and lead nurturing efforts.

ON24 marketing webinars chart

Infographic courtesy of ON24

Besides picking an engaging topic, a speaker, and a date, you need to promote the living daylights out of your webinar to maximize the benefits.

Solid planning and management separate successful webinars from the rest. Every step counts—months leading up to the big day and afterward.


To help you out, the Response Capture team has fashioned a sweet checklist, so you know not only how to plan a webinar, but how to promote a webinar as well.

We’ll even let you download it for free at the end of this post.

PRE-WEBINAR – 2 Months Out

  • Set up your event in an event partner system. Common choices include:
    • GoToWebinar
    • AdobeConnect
    • ReadyTalk
    • Webex
  • Build a webinar landing page.
    • Make the registration process simple and seamless. Keep any questions on the form to a minimum.
    • Create an invite list for your audience and load into an email or marketing automation platform.
    • Make it simple for the registrants to add the webinar to their calendars.
      • Invite Tip: If your event partner system doesn’t automatically create a calendar file (ics) you can make your own right here.

PRE-WEBINAR – 1 Month Out

  • Send weekly email invitations to your targeted lists.
    • Email Tip: Begin your email sequence with an aspirational message.
    • Email Tip: To all non-click registrations, an email focusing on pain points should follow. The last chance email should increase the level of urgency, especially in the subject line.
  • Craft follow-up emails for those who “attended” and those who “registered, but did not attend”.
  • Test emails internally as well as with any event partners to confirm all links are accurate.
  • Test any automated reminders to ensure dates/time/titles/copy are correct.

PRE-WEBINAR – 2-3 Weeks Out

  • Create a dedicated blog post in advance. Speak to the benefits of the webinar topic and include a CTA to register.
  • Tweet 1-2 times per day and pin a Tweet with the webinar information to the top of your feed. Like ON24 did here…

on24 webinar twitter

  • Engage with other webinar enthusiasts by retweeting any mentions.
  • Share the webinar information on all other social channels…SlideShare, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+ and Facebook.
  • Emphasize email content on LinkedIn and Facebook—aspirations, pain points, and last chance.
  • Encourage your internal staff to share the webinar info on their networks.

PRE-WEBINAR – 1 Week Out

  • Send out reminders via calendar invite, email, and social media. Resend 24 hours before the big webinar day.
  • Confirm details with any speakers or contributors.
  • Ensure the people recording know their role and have the necessary permissions.
    • Video Tip: It’s always smart to have two people recording in case something goes wrong.


  • Send morning reminder email to all registrants and post on social media.
  • Share real-time insights—like quotes from speakers and audience questions—on Twitter with a dedicated hashtag.
  • Capture screenshot images of key slides to share on social media channels.


  • Upload your amazing webinar to your YouTube channel.
    • Video Tip: Some event partners, like GoToWebinar, utilize a proprietary video codec that requires editors to download special software. While the software is typically free, be prepared for some reading to learn how to post properly.
  • Create and host the assets (downloadable slides and recorded webinar in gated and un-gated form) that will be used in follow-up communications and future promotions.
  • Assign all registrants to the correct campaigns and lead statuses within your CRM software, like Salesforce.
  • Distribute follow-up emails to your audiences based on attendance status.
  • Follow relevant influencers that participated during the webinar on Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Post the final slide presentation to SlideShare and promote across social channels.

POST-WEBINAR – 2-3 Weeks After

  • Create a recap blog post highlighting key learnings. Embed the presentation and include a CTA (call to action) to watch the archived webinar.
  • Continue to share key learnings on social channels. Link to the recap blog, archived webinar or SlideShare presentation.
  • Examine results, find opportunities for improvement, and start planning your next event, you webinar pro!

Are you ready to have your best webinar yet? Awesome.

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