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The RC Team Bowls for an Awesome Cause

Written by in Our Culture on February 25, 2015

What is it about bowling that brings out the kid inside all of us? The lights, the noise, and the laughter have a transforming ability.

Whoever you are, you can’t help but grin when you walk into a bowling alley.

The moment the Response Capture team met up at the AMF Pro 300 bowling alley for the Friends of the Children Bowl-A-Thon, the giddy vibe was unmistakable.

Not only were we doing something fun as a team, we came together for an awesome cause.

Friends of the Children provides full-time, professional mentors to help kids overcome the barriers of poverty. And, it works.

  • 83% of their youth graduate from high school
  • 93% avoid the juvenile justice system
  • 98% avoid early parenting

Of the $100,000 fundraiser goal for the Bowl-A-Thon, $85,000 has been donated to the organization.

As a team, Response Capture and friends raised over $2,000.

Fundraising efforts are still going if you’d like to pitch in. You can make a general donation to one of our teams, Split Happens, who is just shy of their goal.

If you want to learn more about the great work that Friends of the Children does, feel free to check out their YouTube video.

Thanks for helping out! Hopefully we’ll see you at the Bowl-A-Thon next year.


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